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Moses Brown: Born in 1742 and raised on the Brown farm in West Newbury, Moses Brown learned the carriage trade as a boy. Moses moved to Newburyport, where he established his own chaise making and repair shop. Having acquired capital in the years before the Revolutionary War, he invested it in the importation of sugar and molasses, profiting handsomely, and investing thereafter in the West Indies trading, in ships of trade and in real estate. By 1790 Moses was the second wealthiest man in Newburyport. In 1792, he purchased the land, wharf, and flats at the foot of Green Street, where he established his distillery manufacturing New England Rum. Moses Brown invested his profits in widespread real estate purchases. As the largest holder of real estate in Newburyport, Moses Brown owned many buildings, be he is best remembered for the one built at his direction on the public square of his creation - the Brown Square House now known as the Garrison Inn.