Instead of simply paying Newburyport’s fascinating sites a visit, stay in one. A world-renowned landmark in luxury that forms the cornerstone of Newburyport’s city center. A Boutique Hotel that not only brings you the best of Newburyport, but lets you live it firsthand.

The Abolitionist

The Merchant

The Inn

The Seaport City

Garrison Inn: With drastic curtailment of shipping in the war of 1812, Newburyport’s economy suffered a depression. Land values plummeted. As the town’s largest landowner, major ship builder, and manufacturer depending on raw materials, Moses Brown suffered losses. He converted portions of his Brown Square House into business uses by the year 1813. Following Moses Browns death in 1827, the Brown Square House passed to his only heir, Sarah White Banister. By 1850 the Brown Square House served as a boarding house and Inn. After Mrs. Sarah Banister’s death in 1880, the building was named the Brown Square Hotel. The dining room opened in 1909. The building changed hands in 1922 and on July 2, 1923 the Hotel re-opened as the Garrison Inn, named in honor of Newburyport’s famed abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison, whose statue has rested on Brown Square since 1893. The building was offically listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.