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The Abolitionist

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The Seaport City

William Lloyd Garrison was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, on December 12, 1805. He apprenticed as a printer, and became editor of the Newburyport Herald in 1824. Five years later Garrison criticized a merchant involved in the slave trade, resulting in his imprisonment for libel. Upon his release he established his own anti-slavery newspaper, The Liberator. The newspaper’s motto was: “Our country is the world - our countrymen are mankind.” In The Liberator Garrison not only attacked slaveholders but the “timidity, injustice and absurdity" of those who wanted gradual emancipation. The strong opinions expressed in its columns gained Mr. Garrison a national reputation as the leader of those favoring immediate emancipation. After the passing of the 13th Amendment in 1865, Garrison decided to cease publication of The Liberator. Garrison spent his last fourteen years campaigning for women’s suffrage, pacifism and temperance. William Lloyd Garrison died on May 24, 1879.